Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday: It's July!

July. Doing one's taxes, writing lists, preparing for a new season's fashion as it rapidly approaches, going to Splendour, tripping to Singapore to see marvellous Phuong, watching Paul Kelly under the stars, birthday parties galore and getting with the new. It's a good vibe for July... Can't you just feel it??

Ana Montiel - do check out her site...

Living in the present, but dreaming of the future. More dates (qualitatively) but less (quantitatively). De-cluttering... Finding somewhere new to spread my wings (and clothes). Investigating future travel. Yay. Happy, happy Friday.

It's still winter, and I'm still wearing jackets and scarves, but the end is in sight... I'm sure of it.

(Oh yeah.. and there's a pesky 10 km run tomorrow to think about... But it will be followed by a lovely breakfast in the sun, and then an appearance at a gallery exhibition opening. Hooray!).

Current vibes: (a) daydreamer

(b) fabulous

(c) player

(d) unapologetic smarty pants

What are you vibing for July?

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