Thursday, July 28, 2011


This weekend I'm going to Splendour in the Grass. I've never been to a music festival where I've had to camp before... Nor have I been to one that goes longer than a day. So I'm pretty excited! But of course... It wouldn't be an event if I didn't wonder what on earth to wear!

Festival looks can be loosely categorised as:
1. Boho / hippie / Woodstock chic – think feathers, well-worn tan leather sandals (flat), mini skirts, tassles, earthy hues and floppy felt hats. Made famous by Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and that skinny girl who went out with Orlando Bloom at one time. Also Angus & Julia Stone.

2. Rock chick chic – Kate Moss has famously nailed this look mashing up fitted flannelette shirts and fur jackets with skin-tight black leather pants, or baggy rock tees and denim cut-offs with gumboots for the warmer months. Messy, long blonde hair, slightly mussed dark eye-liner and vodka in the hand are essential partners to this look.

3. Hipster girl – Alexa Chung. Raybans. That is all.

4. Fluorescent trashbag – those girls with fake tans, boobs hanging out, aviators, denim cut-offs (no matter how cold it is), peroxide blonde and trowel-loads of foundation. Alcohol a must. Gumboots probably the one item of clothing that cover the most amount of flesh in one item of clothing. Do feet really count, though?

So I’m thinking there will be some strange pairings of 1 and 2 with a bit of 3 thrown in for good measure. The fluorescent trashbag is a little less my style these days, but hey – each to their own!

Here is my style inspiration.

Yeah, I know. It's a bit of a mess. Hopefully it will come together while I'm dressing in the teepee... No full-length mirrors on a campsite though, so who knows!

Vogue magazine suggested "packing light" but that just doesn't sound right to me... People have also looked at me aghast when I say I'm wearing heels (wedges! Not that bad!)... Sorry people, but the longer the leg the better! If it all hurts too much, I will of course have flats in my teepee. And if it rains... gumboots.

Does anyone have any tips? Is it wrong to take a nice handbag (which is festival-ish)? Is it wrong to wear good (Chanel) sunglasses... Will I just want to take them off anyway? Should I be wearing el cheapos? I'm leaning towards no sunglasses... Or just the pink heartshaped ones I picked up in Singapore!

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