Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby It's Eff-ing Freezing Outside

It has been a long winter (for a Queenslander). Winter started in earnest about a month earlier than usual with some hideously cold mornings and evenings (think run club in early June in 6 degree temperatures). The cold continues to whip through our bones, and taunt our open toed shoes mercilessly.

As you all know, winter is one of my least favourite things. I'm over it! Happily for me, I have a mini-break to see Phuong and her Mr in a couple of days and more happily - it's sweltering there! The perennial question - what to wear. It is pervading the entire week - it's still freezing and I'm sick of my "I'm-freezing" wardrobe, from Thursday onwards I need to think of summer-appropriate attire. Which is stashed in a box somewhere, due to the minute size of my cupboard. *sigh*

The images inspiring my winter wardrobe sourced from my Tumblr.

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