Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday: Chill Factor

So... It's still cold here. But not as bad. I'm still hibernating in preparation for Splendour this weekend... Still wondering what on earth I'm going to wear - from warm-ish day to freezing night. I'm guessing this may result in mandatory wardrobe changes. Which means SIX outfits, not three! Shit!!!

So it will be long hot showers (I hate baths), books, cooking and a Paul Kelly concert for entertainment this weekend. And Harry Potter tonight! I've never seen or read a single HP in my life, but feel I shouldn't let this moment in pop culture pass me by. So. 3D tonight, without a clue what it's all about (I have read the wiki-summaries, but these seemed a little bare on detail). I'll figure it out. Good vs Evil right? ;o)

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