Monday, October 25, 2010

Ruin Is the Road to Transformation

Speaking of Eat Pray Love, I must ask the question of what you all learnt from watching that film? Sarah Wilson said she learnt to smile while meditating, including smiling in her liver. Since I don't meditate, that didn't resonate with me at all - instead sounding completely contrived and pretentious. Next!

I think I learnt what I already knew ... And what I guess none of us like to ackowledge: nothing lasts forever. What a relief! Of course nothing lasts forever, but sometimes it can be hard to accept that and allow life to move on. Perhaps you don't want to say goodbye once and for all to a relationship - be it a friendship, love affair etc - or, like me, you simply don't want summer to end.

It's such a basic concept but one that, depending on the situation, can be hard to be at peace with. We can accept that day becomes night because that is the way of things.. I think once that logic kicks in to everything else in life, it somehow helps. Or it does for me! I am notorious for clinging on to things for way too long... Which is probably why that little gem has stayed with me - even becoming something of a mantra. I think it also helps you live in the moment more - if you know it won't last forever, why waste the moment thinking about your overflowing laundry basket?

So. Did anyone else learn anything from EPL? If so.. what and why? Or did you just find it hugely dull and patronising? (I found it a tad patronising... And Javier Bardem freaks me out ever since No Country For Old Men - there is no accepting him as a romantic lead for me, even though I know that role did not last forever for him!).

Another little lesson from Eat Pray Love was this: "Having a broken heart only means that you tried." True that!

Julia Roberts at the premiere in NYC. Goodness me, she's gorgeous!

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A said...

She IS gorgeous, and all I really took away from the film was that I would quite like to find myself some nice strappy brown sandles for the summer, and that I would like to go back to Italy someday soon. Otherwise I thought it was a bit of a bad movie.. I think you're spot on when you say that once we recognise that everything comes to an end, we can hopefully become more accepting of things actually coming to an end, and then find it easier to move on. My little sis who had the breakup is still not 100% but moving on quite nicely - she's moving house right now with a girlfriend - her first share house. She's been out on a couple of dates, and says she gets asked for her number every time she goes out. Well - d'uh - I told her...! I'm so happy for her. I was just gonna write something else but I think I might blog about it instead.. stand by...