Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Missing You

I'm really missing the in-person company of my good girlfriends who are overseas right now... I suppose because whenever I see them the gap between us closes instantly, and it's like months haven't passed since the last time I was with them.

Nothing shocks me about guys and how low they are prepared to go (doesn't mean I still don't get angry, though!), but I am frequently taken aback by the behaviour of other girls... I shouldn't be! I know how the world works, and God knows I wasn't always an angel myself when I was in my early 20s - despite my indignant protestations to the contrary. Deep down, we always know when we're up to no good, though, don't we?

Nothing beats great friends... The more girls stick together, the better off we all shall be!

Experience has taught me that guys simply aren't worth it if they are going to cause a wedge between you and your friends, or you find yourself betraying the sisterhod in sneaky ways. OR - worse - if you are ashamed of something you have done to please a guy. Love should be nourishing, reciprocal and open.

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