Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Friday: Thinking of Phuong

Phuong is off on her hens night in Thailand this weekend, so this shout-out is to her.

Many moons ago, Phuong and I would love nothing less than heading to a dodgy bar in Brisbane city (the Exchange) of a Saturday night and grooving away on the dance floor all night long. One of my favourites of the day was this:

I still love it - and I hope you hear it in a dodgy bar (although it all looks terribly classy!) and dance to it, and pretend that I'm there. I wish I could be there. Have a great weekend (and Jenny will be there too - you too!). You deserve it!

This is still one of my favourite grind on someone's knee songs! haha.. Too much information?!


Phuong said...

thanks for the blog love. gosh those days at the exchange were so much fun! xo

ps i still really hate that song, i know you love it though :)

Ally Kay said...

Love dancing to that song! Remember that try hard r&b club -'the dome?'I popped my 'dancing to ice-cube' cherry there, and haven't looked back. 99 baby!