Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Long Hiatus

My God, I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last post. Where have I been? I sometimes wonder that myself.

Planning a wedding, changing cities, juggling new jobs, moving in with lovely boyfriends who become exciting fiances who become glorious husbands, trying to stay in touch with friends... But mainly planning a wedding and living in 2 cities.

I can't believe I didn't blog about planning a wedding! How did I miss that?! Actually, I know exactly how I missed it - because I became a crazy wedding blog stalker (briefly) which stressed me way the heck out. WHO ARE THESE WOMEN WHO HAVE TIME/INTEREST/SKILL TO HANDMAKE PRACTICALLY EVERY DETAIL OF THEIR WEDDING?? Who are you? Do you have full time jobs? You stress every other bride to be out with your gorgeous bunting and delectable bohemian hair pieces! So I banned myself from wedding sites, and I became a much calmer bride. I had a moment where I fell of the wagon, and veered dangerously into bridezilla territory, but I gave the horse a carrot, corrected the wagon and resumed transmission minus blogs. (Although I did really get into Pinterest for a while there).

So naturally, being thoroughly scarred by blogs, I didn't blog for the longest time.

It wasn't quite like this...
Anyway, now that it's all done and dusted, I truly hope to be back to blogging. It gives me such joy, and I actually do weirdly feel connected to something when I do it. To be honest, the jetsetting is getting to me a little. For a change, I'm sitting in the airport lounge smiling. *phew*

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Phuong said...

So nice to have you back blogging! xx