Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Friday

Happy Friday lovers!

Are you doing anything exciting today? It being Friday, we're probably all chained to our desks, but I do hop something lovely is delivered or happens to brighten your day. One of the cool things about being split between 2 cities, is that I regard my home city as more of a tourist destination than just home. I have long been a lover of Brisbane, but I am really feeling the love so much more each time I disembark a plane. Currently, Brisbane is hosting Eat Street Markets - a collection of shipping containers artfully placed in a park near the Brisbane River, which comes alive every Friday and Saturday evening with mini-restaurants serving street food (in the shipping containers), market stalls and live music. It's pretty cool, especially the make-shift drinking hall! Of course, it being Valentine's Day it is sure to be more packed than usual, but that's ok. You can still find intimacy in the largest of crowds.

Have a lovely weekend!

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