Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shoesday: Summer Days

Summer days call for summery, strappy sandals and fabulous hues on pedicured toes.

YSL is really leading the charge this summer, with every colour of the rainbow (neon included) available in patents, matte and untreated leathers.

I saw the silver sandals at the delightfully, unashamedly pretentious Jean Brown Christmas party the other evening, and was tempted to take out the wearer in what would have been an unladylike display of alpha female behaviour. I resisted.

Thankfully, there are plenty of less obnoxiously overpriced sandals on the market... A pair that recently caught my eye includes the Saltwater Sandal - already dubbed an ugly shoe up there with the likes of UGG boots, Birkenstocks and Crocs by New York Magazine - they were quite cute on the salesgirl whose feet I was eyeing off that day. Made originally for kids, these sandals have been a staple American shoes since the 1940s. With their chunky straps, uber flat soles and an abundance of colours to choose from, these sandals are really starting to take off amongst the hipster crowd (i.e. they are sold at The Happy Cabin - hipster heaven in Brisbane's West End).

Retailing for about $80 in hipster boutiques in Oz, you can find them online for considerably cheaper - about US$35 if you hunt around.

Not having the patience for international shipping and, let's face it preferring a heel in my shoes, I went home with these wedges from Country Road in black (brown colour shown).

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