Monday, December 17, 2012

On The First Day of Christmas

(as per usual, I am rather overdue with this but we can pretend it's 4 days ago, I'm sure...)

A really ugly, but really clever and powerful handbag...

If, like me, your tech-y devices are always 15% of battery power away from dying, you need a Phorce Bag. The Phorce Bag holds integrated lightweight batteries which can juice up your MacBook + THREE additional USB devices ALL AT THE SAME GODDAM TIME. That's impressive! The bags are water resistant, have many multi-pockets (space for snacks so you the human driving the devices can also recharge), the bags have a crazy strap system that means your bag can go from a messenger bag to a backpack to a briefcase. (I have a feeling these bags are more for the man in your life, but whatever... My true love gave it to me, so it's mine). 

The other amazing thing about this bag is that it can sync with your phone, meaning if you accidentally leave your bag behind (or, let's face it, some arsehole nicks it), your bag will alert you. That is an insane amount of intelligence in a little piece of bag. Probably smarter than me when I'm tired and emotional. 

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