Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Friday: And So It Is

From the first moment that I held my beautiful, vulnerable and completely innocent niece in my arms, something inside of me became wholly committed to ensuring that no harm would ever come to her. And I mean EVER, in a slightly psycho, overly protective dancer mum kind of way.

So every time new evidence flowed in in the Daniel Morcombe case - a missing person case that has held Queenslanders in horrified suspense for precisely 9 years - there was a pain in the chest. Each time his parents appeared in the press, Mrs Morcombe seemingly smaller each time we saw her, our heart ached for them, and we collectively yearned for good news. While it has ended sadly, for the Morcombes, it has simply finally ended. Daniel Morcombe's young remains were laid to rest today. With mixed feelings - sadness, relief, anger, and surely regret for some - we all wore red to celebrate a young loss, and to support a traumatised family. So spare a thought today for the children who have been hurt and lost their innocence all too young - who don't have the all-encompassing protection we so wish we could provide - and for the parents, friends and family who equally suffer and feel their pain.

* Image from UNIEF Photo-Pledge for Children. 

And we're so passionate about babies and kidlets generally because they are truly so great. I have two lovely, clever and beautiful little nieces now and I love them dearly. And SO MANY of my friends have had or are having their first child (it's at epidemic levels this pregnancy thing), and it's a delight to see how smitten they are with these tiny people. 

So happy Friday to all those with a bun in the oven or a new little munchkin to be devoted to (as nanna, aunty, mummy or dada). They really are bundles of pure joy. 

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