Friday, December 7, 2012


I have a "fur baby" (I actually call her a puppy, but everyone else calls it my fur baby - it's not, it's a DOG people!). Her name is 99. She is radical. She's a French Bulldog. Kind of the dog of the moment right now... I've wanted a Frenchie since I saw one on the street in New York City and pinned down the young couple walking her to find out what kind of dog she is.

She is smart, friendly, cute, quirky and has ears as enormous as her personality. If I am distracted by alcohol, she eats my shoes and bras. But apart from that, she's super well-behaved - to the point that I am honestly amazed. For example, my boyfriend and I toilet trained her in a matter of hours (!!!)

Here's a cute ad featuring a couple of Frenchies... As most dog-owners would know, we always want to know what our dog is thinking, and this ad really plays on that. Enjoy:

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