Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Friday: Don't Stop Til You Get Enough

This weekend is BUMPER! Bootcamp (I started when I got back from o/s - we run, tumble and generally work out in wet grass at 7am every Saturday - my sneakers STINK!), looking for a new place to live, skolling coffee, putting the final touches on my bride-to-be's hens night (very stressed - bride is a Virgo to the max!), participating in what is sure to be a terribly drunken affair (what to wear?? outfit canned due to FREEZING temps!), then brunch with the women of my family (mama, sister, niece) and taking mama shopping. And then a game of rugby (to view, not play) and probably another party.

Run run run.

It'll keep going until I ...

... flop!

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