Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shoesday Shoe Police

Mayhem broke out (sort of) on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet after women were turned away at the theatre door for the premier of Carol (starring Cate Blanchett if you're interested) for violating the strict shoe policy for the festival.

Told "No, no, this won't work. You can't get in like this" women in flat shoes were sent scurrying for the heels.  And it wasn't just your average Joe who was turned away for code violations - the director of the new Amy Winehouse documentary had to flex some muscle for his wife to be allowed in due to her flats, and art dealer Larry Gagosian had to call on buddy Harvey Weinstein to attend the film Gagosian after being turned away for wearing "stylish" sneakers.

Even worse, an amputee was rebuffed at Gus Van Sant's Sea of Trees screening (the amputee was later allowed in, but she advised many of her colleagues in flat shoes were not).

While I love a good heel and can understand that a festival such as Cannes has standards that should be met, I am a little stunned that stylish sneakers and gorgeous flats don't make the grade. To be honest though (and with the exception of those who really can't wear heels due to a medical condition), wouldn't you want to wear high heels when you're on a red carpet with cameras flashing? They make your legs longer (for a mini-skirt), your silhouette more fabulous (for everything, but especially a long gown) and generally speaking everything more put together. But that's just me - a high heel lover from way back.

Diane Kruger illustrates some of the key benefits of wearing high heels (hint: height, length, silhouette)

Even Emily Blunt, who furiously denounced the no-flats policy appeared on the red carpet in sky high heels.

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