Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It Used To Be Mad Love

Poor Katy Perry. Ergo, props to Taylor Swift for an awesome film clip featuring a smorgasbord of It Girls old and new - Cindy Crawford to Gigi Hadid - as well as the women whose fictional characters have inspired the names of Taylor Swift's cats (here's looking at you Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson).

It feels like this film clip is paying homage to a whole lot of stuff: Kill Bill, Sin City, Charlie's Angels etc etc - so much so that picking the film reference is a little like listening to a Girl Talk mash up and trying to pick the song

There are a litany of theories as to just how many ways this film clip disses Katy Perry. I imagine there would be some pain for Perry in this - not only is it awesome and in direct competition to Katy Perry's own brand of music and fun music videos, it also probably made her feel a little like there wasn't a celebrity around who hadn't appeared in the video and perhaps taken Swift's side in this Battle Royale of the Pop Princesses. In that sense, is it kind of close to bullying? I think not, but it would probably be hard not to feel a little bruised by the sensation of being left out of a really fun film clip. Hopefully she had a fun day of shopping with her friends and did not think about how the music/modelling/celebrity world would be interpreting the video.

The real question now, is how will Perry respond?!

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