Friday, May 15, 2015



And what a week it has been. Cannes has commenced (signalling the advent of warmer weather in the northern hemisphere) and the Met Gala has been and gone once more.

Beyonce totally disappointed me with her Met outfit. During her Mrs Carter world tour, Mrs Carter was positively bursting with a set of very empowering messages all about emphasising the regal: her show was chock full of statements about maintaining your mystery (specifically, not being semi-nude to attract attention), lady like is best, and keeping a refined distance creates an aura etcetera etcetera. Her show was the perfect antidote to that world that exists out there of nude photos, Miley Cyrus, and the belief that your sex is the vital ingredient to nabbing a partner.

It was all about being regal in 2013
So when she appeared on the Met Gala red carpet wearing some flesh coloured tulle sprinkled with heavy jewels to maintain her dignity, I was a little ... Disappointed. With a capital D. Ok, she is totally hot. But I feel a little like she owes her fawning legion of fans some consistency. Because I feel like we saw where her babies came from, and that simply isn't very classy. Nor, in my humble opinion, is attempting to compete with Kim Kardashian at a game that I believe Kim is the undisputed winner of. Choose your battles, and step it up Queen B.

Rihanna was this year's best dressed 2nd time in a row - as picked by Anna Wintour
What a difference a year makes... Met Gala 2014
Of course, this is not to say there weren't plenty of fabulous gowns at the Met Gala, but frankly, that was so Monday. It's Friday - and Cannes is in full swing, and far more interesting now.

The latest version of Mad Max (Mad Max: Fury Road) was set for release on day 2 at Cannes amidst a huge amount of buzz. It opened in Australian cinemas last night, and I am hoping to get to a showing this weekend.

Just as important as the films are the fashions. Here are some of my favourites so far (Lupita's dress is my pick though).

Utter gorgeousness. Happy Friday!

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