Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shoesday: The Ugly Flat

The Spring/Summer 2014 Ready to Wear collections heralded a disturbing trend for high heel lovers everywhere: the dawn of the ugly flat. Not as disastrous as the Croc, but still not capable of the elegance a lovely Jesus sandal can achieve when done right, we have been delivered the Birkenstock as embellished by fashion designers. In the case of Celine, the Birkenstock was bizarrely fur-lined, Marc Jacobs and Prada tried to tart them up with glitter and gems respectively, while others still (primarily at Marni) attempted to add a bit of height, creating Frankenstein's shoe from bits of a clog and huge chunks of a Birkenstock. Hideous.




I knew the trend had broken into the mainstream when I noticed - with jaw agape - that Witchery had a pair of slides in the distinctive Birkenstock form all set for Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Once the domain of the Granola-munching, long armpit hair cultivators among us, the slightly unwashed hippy can now expect to be joined - like it or not - by their sweeter smelling fashionista sisters this summer. 

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