Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shoesday Happy Feet

This week's shoes are .... slippers!

Brought to you in honour of:
  1. My descent in to head cold-dom (but of course... it's busy at work!)
  2. The change of season - yes, autumn is definitely making her presence known by virtue of darker mornings and a little bite to the air in the evenings
  3. Peter Alexander's 25th birthday!
For anyone in Australia, Peter Alexander is basically the final word in adorable bedwear. Bed socks, saucy knickers, scented candles, quirky slippers and impractical-yet-fabulous ones-ies are his bread and butter - all luxuriously ensconced in boudoir inspired boutiques across Australia.

There was a time when I would flick longingly through each season's new Peter Alexander catalogue (wait! I still do!), and frankly any man who buys you PA anything (in the correct size no less) will definitely be on the Christmas card list... Or at least gain a spot on speed dial for a while.

What I love about PA is the quality of product (seriously, that flannelette lasts!), the whimsy of all the creations, and the unabashed flirtiness and sense of fun that infiltrates each ad campaign.

So here's to warm cuddly pyjamas, soft slippers and flirty frills.

And puppies of course! I was devastated when Peter's puppy - and face of Peter Alexander for many years - Penny passed away.

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