Monday, January 31, 2011


Sooo many block colours again, but so so pretty! I am loving the embrace lace is receiving from the celebrities at the moment:

It makes me think of a recent InStyle article (a magazine I generally find incredibly dull - which it was, true to form, however the "Think/Rethink" article was excellent!) that I read which told you to rethink your first thoughts re what to wear. So they said "Think: Sequins. Rethink!: Lace". And it's so true! I'm loving the lace right now.

Claire Danes' lipstick is out of this galaxy awesome:

And Christina Hendricks. Hello smouldering!

And of course, the pregnant people...*

Shame on you Nicole. Look how gorgeous these ladies are!

* This does not include Colin Firth. Obviously. He be a man!

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