Friday, January 28, 2011

Long Time, No See

Yes, it's been a while... I feel I should remove the 12 Days of Christmas seeing as I only made it to day 3! It seems odd to look at it now. How long ago was Christmas? So much has happened.

I haven't felt much like writing or posting pictures of pretty, trivial items - things that mean nothing when it's all said and done - when so many people have been suffering of late. It is quite horrifying how quickly treasured items - and things of both financial and emotional value - can metamorphosis into ugly. There were millions of stories of enthusiastic volunteers tossing things that looked like rubbish, only for the owner to lament their losses: items of considerable beauty and value tossed thoughtlessly into a waste heap, growing uglier, because it looked like nothing (at best) or a health hazard (at worst) post Mother Nature's monumental temper tantrum.

They say not to cry for things that will never cry for you. You shouldn't, but it's damn hard not to when those things represent a lifetime of collecting and building. Not to mention the memories.

But. The show must go on. I am back! :o)

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A said...

Yay nice to have you back! I felt so sad for all those people who lost parts of their lives (possessions, or worse - family members) in the floods - we followed it all very closely over here and so many people were doing things to help out with donations - it was awesome!

I also have been a bit lazy with the blogging - focussing more on existing in the moment with Stu rather than analysing it too much by writing.. Won't be updating for a while I don't think, but am definitely still following all my usual blogs! When are you off on your trip? Mucho jealoso!! x