Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shake Your Tail Feather

There are two things guaranteed to have you splashed all over fashion blogs at a red carpet event: an amazing - and exposed - decolletage; and an over-the-top beautiful dress which inspires dreams of whimsical, limitless-budget weddings.

Angie Harmon has done this in spades. And seriously ... in the nicest possible way: who is she? I can't be bothered Googling, but I have never heard of her. And yet she is one of the most photographed peeps at the SAGs. I also desire her body from the bust upwards. (Probably I would want the rest of it if I could see it also).

1 comment:

Phuong said...

she's from law and order - well she used to be in it, not sure what she is doing now though!