Thursday, December 16, 2010

On the 3rd Day of Christmas

My true love decided to revel in the excitement of an overseas trip with me. And gave me THIS!

A new-age tampon, you ask? Mon Got, no! It is a Travalo.

Travalo: A less-than-pint-sized pump-spray which you may fill with the scent of your choosing and: (a) smuggle into your handbag (for toilet freshen ups on a night out); (b)smuggle into your handbag (to take on long flights so you may freshen up without being harassed by customs staff who only like their fluids in tiny gulps of 100mL); or (c) smuggle into your handbag just because you can.
e.g. Why hello nice Mr Customs Officer. Today I am complying with all of your inconvenient rules and smelling very nicely about it, too. Thanks to my Travalo. or You smell weird, girlfriend. Take my Travalo.

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