Friday, April 29, 2016

Road Trippin'

Hubby and I have been trying to make the most out of being in a new (remote-ish) location by tripping around and seeing the sights of South Australia and nearby Victoria. South Australia is truly one of the most beautiful parts of this great country - there is a raw honesty to the landscape here, as it is so untouched and there seems to be a genuine appreciation of, and desire to preserve, South Australia's natural environment and the bounty it provides - be it habitat for native wildlife or great food and wine and adventurous destinations for tourists and locals alike.

So far we have done the 4 major wine regions: McLaren Vale, the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley and most recently Coonawarra. We have literally stuffed ourselves with incredible foods, wines and vistas. We've spent a lot of time in Victoria lately, traversing the Great Ocean Road, and last weekend shopping and eating our way through Melbourne and living it up in spa territory in Daylesford.

This weekend, it is time to slum it. Finally, hubby gets his way and we camp. In tents. Without cooking facilities (other than those we bring ourselves - hello, muesli for dinner!), and I assume the shower will be one of those arrangements where you want to be wearing thongs.  So here's to the less-glamorous weekend. Let the stretcher bed be comfortable, and the milk still cold when I add it to my muesli...

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