Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bow Down

One of the best things about Beyoncé is her mystery. Rarely giving interviews (I think she has done one in about 3 years), Beyoncé communicates to the world via her music, film clips and Instagram account. And as we have seen on countless occasions, while a picture (or film clip) might be worth a thousand words, they are still not the subject's own words, so we really can never know what is going on in that secret gated community of the mind.

After dropping her latest visual album, Lemonade this week, we are scratching our collective heads wondering what it all actually means? This album that bluntly alludes to infidelity, daddy issues and forgiveness. Who is is Becky? Did her dad really hit her? Is Jay Z a cheating swine? Does Good Hair mean good hair, or does it refer to black slavery talk for the whiter slaves with less curly hair who were able to work inside the house and thus able to attend to their hair more often? Was there a very good reason for Solange to attack Jay Z in that lift?

Keeping in mind, of course, Beyoncé has a team of songwriters who assist her on each album - so this is not all necessarily her own stream of consciousness. But who cares really, when we have so many questions to mull over, all as we listen (and watch!) yet more genius from Beyoncé.

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