Thursday, December 24, 2015

Let The Feasting Begin

This year, I have been a terrible blogger. Sporadic, lazy and frankly some incredibly dull content. I doubt I'll be much better in 2016.

Tomorrow - as I'm sure you are all well aware - is Christmas. I'm less about the gifts this year, and all about the food and champagne. Tomorrow I'll be kicking things off with blueberry pancakes and croissants with Handsome Hubby.

After some gift unwrapping and probably some mildly panicked cooking, we're heading to my brother's place for Christmas lunch and all the mayhem that goes with 3 and 5 year old girls being lavished with gifts, love and loads of sugar.

Following that will be Christmas dinner with Hubby's family. Hubby's mother is basically a chef without a restaurant. She has never cooked the same meal twice, and her skill and generosity in the kitchen is unrivalled. Trust me when I say that when you bring a plate to her house, it is quite the stressful experience and one should not be offended if your plate is untouched. Even after surviving breast cancer treatment this year, she has managed to never complain (even when Hubby's dad cooked which was a challenge for all of us) and always been her caring self even when you could see it was all a bit much.

After seeing some of my very good friends lose their Dad to cancer this year, we know how lucky we are to have Hubby's mum still with us. Irrespective of the challenges we deal with, Christmas is probably the best time to count our blessings - be it family, friends, great prospects for the future, a Chanel handbag or simply the greatest blessing of good health and life. I hope you have a really gorgeous Christmas. Let your plate and cup runneth over.

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