Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shoesday: Open Season

Can we hear an exuberant "BOO-YAH" for the arrival of Spring? After a Winter that has been experienced from Shanghai (at the end of the southern hemisphere's Summer) to Brisbane (ok, not much of a winter, but our houses are not built for cold morning air) to Hobart (deeply freezing!) to Melbourne to Adelaide to regional South Australia and rural Queensland - I feel I have been there and done that with Winter this year.

Magically enough, it is forecast to reach 26 today. So it is essential that we celebrate the advent of Spring with some open toed shoes and not a black opaque stocking in sight. Some shots from Charlotte Olympia's Frida Kahlo-inspired Cruise collection and Jimmy Choo because, well, Jimmy Choo.

Pictures from Charlotte Olympia and Jimmy Choo Cruise S/S2016 collections.

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