Friday, August 21, 2015

Designer Bircher

As I spoon another mouthful of artfully plated toasted granola with vanilla bean yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruits into my mouth,  I ask myself why I'm spending $13.50 on something I really could have whipped up at home for 1/8th of the price.

A huge part of the reason is so I can see the dear friends I never get to see in an environment that is not my own home (read, I don't have to tidy/vacuum before they drop by). Another is that breakfast, like many other comfort foods in life - I'm looking at you toasted cheese sandwich and Vegemite toast - is better when someone else has made it for you. But equally up there is the ambience factor of a really good cafe. No amount of So Frenchy, So Chic playlists can recreate the vibe of a bustly, beautiful and fabulously popular coffee shop. In particular, there is something very loving about a resplendently designed coffee shop - it's like a very public, warm embrace from Mr Too-Cool, which simply by association renders you invincibly well-loved and hip for the day.

As part of the annual Eat Drink Design awards is (naturally) the Design component. While a beautiful restaurant or bar is all well and good, there really is nothing better than a gorgeous cafe ensconced in subway tiles, exhaling ground coffee beans, and generally being the lighthouse for your Monday morning.

Some of my favourites from this year's cafe design award shortlist are below.

Adelaide's Abbots & Kinney

Perth's Alex Hotel Lobby Espresso & Lounge Bar

South Brisbane's new arrival, Gauge (it is very beautiful) - another cafe from the creator of Sourced in Teneriffe

Harry's at Bondi

Hutch & Co, Lilydale Victoria 

The Kettle Black, South Melbourne

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