Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Carla Zampatti: 50 Years Strong

Lovers of Australian fashion will be very familiar with the story of Italian born designer Carla Zampatti and her much-loved eponymous label, Carla Zampatti.

After emigrating to Australia as a child in 1950, Zampatti released her first collection in 1965. In the following 5 decades of celebrated design, Carla has consistently produced effortlessly elegant, streamlined collections in vivid hues that are perfect for the modern Australian woman - no matter her age. In her own words, Zampatti has noted that "from the beginning, I wanted to create haute couture pieces that women could  buy at an affordable price."

As she celebrates half a century of timeless design (and her 100th collection), Zampatti's latest collection is one of her strongest. Beautiful dresses in vivid hues of fuschia, sapphire and vibrant lemon, with plenty of spring's staple black + white and classic blacks, Zampatti's spring/summer collection (previewed at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Melbourne earlier this year) screams spring racing and champagne soaked soirees.

Carla Zampatti's latest collection was presented at Sydney's iconic Opera House, with the Harbour Bridge serving as a dramatic backdrop

Later this year, she will also publish a coffee table book celebrating her time in one of the more fickle industries in the country.

Zampatti's shades of pink are the perfect anti-dote to the gloomy winter's days I've been experiencing in Southern Australia:

I would like to own this in a somewhat wild-eyed, desperate kind of way

PS Great sneakers, front-row lady

The remainder of the collection is equally glamorous and deliciously upbeat:

If you weren't sure, Carla Z is the lady in the sunglasses


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