Friday, February 6, 2015

Walking the Long Line

As Valentine's Day approaches,so too are our mailboxes (real and virtual) crammed with items essential for the perfect Valentine's Day experience: lingerie, florists, hotel deals and hot air balloon escapes are bursting out of my inbox. I really couldn't care less about Valentine's Day and I care even less this year as I have a wedding to attend that day (pressure officially off for Hubby).

Amongst all the junk mail (and yeah, ok, 25% off lingerie at David Jones won't go astray) there is one thing that I am interested in: the long line bra.

Not to be confused with it's big sister, the corset, the long line bra generally ends somewhere around the bottom of the rib cage. For the bosomy woman, it provides extra support. For everyone else, it is just all around rather gorgeous.

Ok, this is not a great example as she is not particularly busty but you get my drift. The long line is also great in the strapless incarnation as it stays up much better than some hopeless old ordinary strapless bra.

Speaking of which, if you want a great hack for wearing a strapless bra, check it out here. I honestly smacked my head for not having thought of this myself.

Time for some new lingerie.

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