Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Friday / Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers out there! I am going ultra-romantic tomorrow and going to a WEDDING! I can't wait.

In other lurve related news, obviously the world is going bananas over the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. Having not read it because I am a LITERARY SNOB, I feel I can relax and go and see the film and not suffer the baggage of believing the film does not live up to the poorly-constructed story line. What a relief.

I am actually more concerned about flipping the switch in my head into believing that this Mr Grey fellow is a nice, somewhat kinky dreamboat and not the terrifying serial killer from The Fall. Jamie Dornan - Mr Grey - appeared most menacingly in the 2-season TV series The Fall and he is very bloody convincing.

Jamie Dornan looking adorable and probably not reading Fifty Shades of Grey

Reviewers appear to unanimously agree he is less than convincing in Grey, and that in fact there is next to zero chemistry between he and the leading, lip-chewing lady (Melanie Griffith's daughter). Frankly, I am not surprised. I caught his interview with Jimmy Fallon the other night and to say it was beige (worse than grey) would be an understatement. Jimmy Fallon is utterly adorable, and to see such a flat segment can only be Jamie's fault. I think he is lacking in personality. There! I said it. Anyway, I'm still going to see the film - even if it is alone. I have a feeling hubby will be less than enthused by this one.

*Note: There is a chance this is sexier than the actual film.

Have a sexy weekend.

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