Friday, January 23, 2015

Sneaker Pimp

A work colleague was visiting from snowy Switzerland not that long ago, and I asked him what he noticed about Australia, or what he thought had changed about Australia (he is an Aussie, but has lived abroad for several years). His response?

"I am completely weirded out by all the women walking around in exercise gear, and going to breakfast, lunch and dinner in sports clothes. What is with that?"

Karlie Kloss off to breakfast with Taylor

Too true. I used to be very guilty of this activity for a variety of reasons:

  1. I was genuinely about to go to / had just finished some type of exercise and either didn't have time to change, or simply couldn't be bothered (yep, lazy). This is related to the growth in the fitness trend that we've witnessesd over the past few years. Cross-fit, triathlon groups, Tough Mudder, swimming training, running club or good old fashioned gym junkie - as we are hyper aware to the obesity epidemic, we work out more. Also, I hear that cross-fit and tri groups are a great way to pick up.
  2. I had no idea what to wear, and my adorable Lorna Jane outfit needed to be worn. As fitness gear becomes more fashionable (think Mary Kratantzou and Stella McCartney for Adidas, Rihanna as creative director and fitness ambassador for Puma, the list seriously goes on), I think we have given ourselves a leave pass to wear fitness clothing outside the gym under the reasoning that our workout gear is no longer daggy old shorts and a paint-spattered T-shirt. We are fashionably fit now.
  3. Gym gear is ridiculously comfortable. No skirts slipping around on your waist and requiring constant re-positioning, no VPL, no high heels to rub your toes - it is pure comfort. You wouldn't go outdoors in your pyjamas or a tracksuit, but your gym gear gives you the same comfort factor without the public humiliation. 
While I have tried to ditch my gym-clothing-to-brunch habit, a lot of women are still happily doing it. All power to them I say! 

In celebration of sneakers, here are a few shots from Elle Mexico.

I think the happy middle-ground for the gym gear as outer-wear trend is sneakers with your usual day-wear. But that's just me. What say you?

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