Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Friday

2015 is officially happening! After a seriously fantastic holiday with family, friends and tonnes of food, it's back to reality (i.e. work). But apart from heading back to work, loads of other stuff has happened too!

The stars slinked it up in all their glittery goodness for the Golden Globes at the start of the week:

The week was book-ended with Oscars Nominations (Birdman and Grand Budapest Hotel are the key nominees, with Lego (produced here in Australia) sadly - and somewhat controversially -  overlooked for recognition). I decided it was appropriate to throw back to Oscars of years past with this fabulous shot of Liz Taylor.

Champagne, tulips, diamonds and the top gong - what more could a starlet want?
On a personal level, 2 friends I set up about 2 years ago just had a BABY! Set ups so rarely work, but this one worked out in a MAY-JAH way! I feel almost as proud of the baby as they do!

I also reconnected with The West Wing (courtesy of Virgin in-flight entertainment). If you haven't seen the series, I truly recommend it. It is utterly timeless - the issues they cover are still so pertinent today. I put it in the PROPHETIC category.

I commenced watching Sherlock after I finally succumbed to the Benedict C hype after seeing The Imitation Game which I recommend on the strongest of terms that you GO. AND. SEE. Sherlock is also pretty great, although the episodes are 1.5 hours each, which is a commitment of time, but one that thankfully flits by thanks to the snappy dialogue and intriguing storylines.

Fascinating creature
Happy Friday!

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