Friday, October 17, 2014

Summer Wonder

One person who is decidedly not suffering the ill-effects of exhaustion is the beautiful Gemma Ward. At her peak, Gemma Ward was one of the world's most sought-after models before disappearing into relative anonymity following the death of her close friend, Heath Ledger.

Gemma Ward has signalled her return to modelling with a typically ethereal starring role in Country Road's Summer 2014/15 campaign, which also marks 40 years of the brand.

Marking her first major campaign in years, and the first since the birth of her daughter Naia almost a year ago, Ward explains the appeal of the campaign, reminiscent of her own childhood endless summers: "We'd always stay in the caravan park and we'd just spend all day at the beach, swimming and playing in the waves or going fishing with my uncle out in his dinghy. It's the iconic Australian holiday and it's always been so much a part of my youth and what is so close to my heart."

Country Road Managing Director Sophie Holt echoed these sentiments, saying "We wanted to use an iconic Australian beauty who has grown up on Australian beaches and really embodies our relaxed, natural way of life."

Not long after wrapping the Country Road film, Ward appeared on the Milanese runways opening for Prada and causing palpitations amongst the fashion set.

So much so, that Vogue Australia asked if everyone could still breathe, and did anyone need CPR. Not Gemma Ward by the looks of it.

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