Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shoesday: Races

We are now knee deep in Spring racing season here in Australia, with the moment of climax very soon upon us. Yes, Melbourne Cup: the race that stops a nation, and sends the retail and millinery industry into overdrive as women feverishly search for the hat that will bring them Fashions on the Field glory - or at least win them a bottle of Moet in the hotly contested best dressed competition at their workplace Melbourne Cup lunch.

It is an iconic day in Australia's fashion calendar, and as such, should be treated with the deepest respect. 

Below we have a prime example of increasingly common race-day attire that is not respectful to either the Melbourne Cup or to shoes in general.

Way to destroy a perfectly lovely pair of shoes.

The shoe cap. I've seen them in action, and you are kidding yourself if you think these things are invisible due to their clear plastic properties. Like the "invisible bar strap" - also made of clear plastic yet somehow the only part of an outfit the eye is drawn to when worn - there is nothing discrete or classy about these little puppies. 

When attending a day at the races, simply resign yourself to the fact that your stiletto is going to sink into the grass somewhat (to be honest, great quality grass - often found at excellent race tracks - won't see you sinking that much). 

So aim for classic, elegant heels and embrace the great outdoors.

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