Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh. Em. Gee.

Since graduating from QUT's fashion design school in a blaze of glory in 2004, Gail Sorronda has been a stalwart on Brisbane's fashion scene. Continuously dishing up edgy new creations with a flamboyance that is as memorable as it is stylistically unique, Gail Sorronda collections never fail to disappoint.

Back in the day - the first Gail Sorronda collection, winning prizes all over the shop, and turning heads

As part of the ongoing revitalisation of the James St precinct in Brisbane's uber trendy New Farm, it seemed like a no-brainer for a Gail Sorronda store to open in the area. After being stocked for many years in Fortitude Valley's Blonde Venus, I for one am thrilled to see entire collections in the one, eponymous store. I vaguely recall reading that in the early days, Gail Sorronda collections were sewn up late into the evenings with a bit of assistance from her Vietnamese mum, with Gail's (her real surname is Reid) sewing skills honed by her mum's strong attention to detail and perfectionist approach.

QUT's Portfolio Director says of Reid that "every now and then a student comes along who just stands out from the crowd and Gail is one of these. Her energy is unquenchable and she has a very strong sense of who she is, which she brings to every aspect of her life and label."

The latest Gail Sorronda collection - Oh My Goth - is a playful take on the most sinister circus performer of them all: the clown.

Flippy dresses and high-waisted flared pants featuring colourful polka dots, teamed with darker accessories and cupid's bow lips in shades of dark wine provide an irresistible match of goth and girly, froth and shades of mystery.

The collection has been out for quite some time now (in fact loads of pieces are now on sale), and I remain completely enamoured with this dress:

Typically, it sold out in seconds (this is seriously the story of my life) because I hesitated. Damned me for stalling! It was rather expensive, with the price tag beginning with a 6 (and having two other numbers come behind it)... But I really should be willing to pay for these types of designs - quirky, memorable and in short enough supply to ensure we're not all walking around in the same outfit... I'm a fool! 

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