Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Golden Globes: Brought to You By The Waist, The Fishtail, and the Wedding Dress

I think we can neatly encapsulate the trends of this year's Golden Globes (yes, they were yesterday... I can't blog at work anymore) into 3 major categories.

1. The Waist

Lady-like proportions are now all the rage. In case you missed the memo, we should now be exhalting our waists by wrapping it in a belt, tapering the dress in to and out from the waist and generally ensuring that maximum attention is paid to our Coca-Cola bottle figures (with a little trimmed off the hips, naturally.

Maria someone-or-other didn't need a belt to draw attention to her amazing figure clad in yellow. Divine!

I absolutely adore this trend, and my favourite dresses were all within this trend category. While Angelina Jolie has apparently won best dressed, I feel she liked kind of creepy. As though she was biding her time before gobbling up anyone silly enough to make eye contact.

I thought they all looked smashing, but Nicole Kidman, the yellow dress, Claire Danes and Kate Winslet were all stand-outs to me. Emma Stone definitely deserves an honourable mention for her rock-girl eagle buckle belt.

2. The Fishtail
Like the cinched-in waist, the fishtail also draws attention to the figure.

While I think this is an amazing style that drools class, I think you'd need all of your self-confidence in tact to pull this one off. In fact, I feel like there's a huge difference between the lady in red to the lady in blue here confidence-wise... Reese doesn't look totally comfortable. Looks like she needed to repeat to herself a few more times "No, your hips don't look big in this" before she ventured down the red carpet.

3. The Bride

I think I do very few red carpet round-ups that do not feature the brides to be... Just like at any ball you go to, I feel there are always going to be ladies out there who occasionally mistake glamour for nuptial-appropriate attire. Not that I'm complaining. These dresses were lovely.

Elle Macpherson isn't too far off a November Rain style wedding in that get-up.

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