Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Friday: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide...

...from the realities of 33 weeks of pregnancy (hello, BUMP!) and - for first time mummas at least - the baby shower. This weekend I'm having the first of 2 baby showers (one of the big positives of living in two different places is twice the number of parties!).

And seriously. Is there any better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with your friends, sipping champagne and eating scones with jam and cream?

Oh wait - there is. All of the above PLUS ribbon sandwiches (made by someone else of course).

I am very lucky to have a mother-in-law who was willing to host and essentially completely cater the baby shower - she has literally been in the kitchen all week experimenting with new recipes for the occasion. I feel pretty bad about this given my tendency to outsource catering activities (especially when the crowd is in excess of 4 people), but I think she's enjoying herself. At least that's what I'm telling myself.  I have taken it upon myself to organise booze for the occasion. I happily have an obstetrician who doesn't wring his hands about basically anything, but especially not a few drinks here and there.

I'm also very lucky to have a husband who wakes up in the middle of night to rub my legs when foot/hip/back cramps set in at inopportune moments #feelingold #getthisthingoutofme.

As I obsess over eating the cake-y, macaron-ish, sandwich-ish treats for tomorrow I am also pondering how social media seems to have done a complete 180 from people posting shots of their kale salads and bliss balls, to doughnuts being on seemingly every street corner and the #snackwave trend (happy snaps - mainly on Instagram - of the young uns hoeing in to basketball sized baked goods and burgers and cheese covered fries).

Pic courtesy of Girls With Gluten

I understand the reaction against the kale (it tastes like shit) and juicing (I need to chew) but the deliberate clogging of arteries I just don't get (unless you're in your first trimester AND HAVE NO CHOICE!). Most of the proponents of the sugary and/or salty snacks (they can be both - contemplate for a moment the popularity of Brisbane doughnut behemoth Doughnut Time's 'The Elvis' which contains jam filling with banana and peanut glaze and lashings of crispy bacon) are attractive females, so I'm wondering if they're actually eating the entire thing - if at all.

Baked to kill.
While I agree the obsession with healthy or clean eating was getting a little out of hand and it has been attributed to the rapid spread of orthorexia (an obsession with healthy eating that borders on eating disorder) particularly amongst females with an Instagram account, so too does the message that chowing down on "snacks" (burgers, ramen, cheesy fries, doughnuts etc) at every meal is something to be celebrated. It's all just a little too black and white - you really don't need to pick a side between the Carb Queens and the Bliss Ball Babes and frankly either way, I think you'd go insane limiting yourself in that way. I guess the healthy eating food pyramid just isn't very Instagram-able.

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