Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Friday: For the Lovers

Garance Dore has recently become engaged (you can read all about it in 4 instalments on her ever-lovely website here), and I just loved how she described that moment when a man proposes to a woman - it's so true. 

It was beautiful, touching, imperfect, and really really really moving. For hours and even days. Moving to the point that we had a hard time having a normal conversation after that. It unleashes so many profound emotions and stirs you all up inside. And you look at this man next to you and say he’s going to be your family. And you love him even more because he had the incredible courage to do that, to ask you to marry him. You know it won’t change anything and it will change everything at the same time. You hope you’re ready and up to the task.

Each year since I've been married, I've made a New Year's resolution to try to be a great wife. I think it takes a lot of work to keep a marriage dynamic, healthy and on the right track. It's easy to take people (especially the kind ones) for granted. I am terrible for that. I always try to remind myself that all that handsome hubby does for me comes from a place of deep love, and that I should respond in kind with great love - and patience. It can be hard when I'm running at a rate of knots, my mind is focused on a million different things. I often very unfairly expect him to be on my wavelength always which is so crazy. We are so different, and think so differently. I didn't marry someone similar to me for a very good reason - too annoying! Too impatient!

While I had to not-so subtly remind Handsome Hubby that it was Valentine's Day and that the perfect way to celebrate was to give me a voucher to my favourite nail bar, I still know our love is deep (in spite of his sulkiness at being forced to buy in to Hallmark-generated events). 

Happy Friday to all the lovers. x

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