Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Birthdays

Today is lovely hubby's birthday. I always have such grand plans for these occasions, generally involving some ridiculously complicated gourmet triumph to be completed with stealth and in record time. It never goes to plan as the parameters I set myself are ridiculous - I am thinking my disastrous batch of brownies one Valentine's Day, and a hatchet job on a sponge cake a few birthdays ago. It's too stressful and - in this world of profligate bakeries, delis and coffee shops with cakes on hand - pointless (unless you truly believe your partner will care if the sugary delight is homemade or purchased - they rarely truly care).*

So rather than this (which was my dream):

And actually, when there's just 2 of you, this amount of cake is simply dangerous
I ended up with a tower of croissants with a candle on top, ham and cheese on the side. Scoff if you will, but it went down a treat.

* Admittedly, it is easier to fudge a birthday cake for one's spouse/partner than it is for a child, but I believe the principle of dashing to the bakery early in the morning can still quite readily apply (particularly if you order ahead).

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