Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Residence

Nicole Kidman has appeared in Etihad's latest advertising campaign, promoting its A380 Residence suite. Described as better than first class, the suites are the only private living spaces available on commercial airline flights (I'm sure Emirates isn't far behind on this though).
The Residence is a three-room suite at the front of the plane featuring a living room, bedroom complete with a double bed and a private bathroom with shower.The living room features a two-seat leather couch, a dining table and private mini-bar. Both the living room and the bedroom feature LCD TVs for in-flight entertainment.

The only thing missing is a treadmill. Based on some of the very senior executives I know who fly frequently, the hours spent in the sky are unanimously believed to be a wasted opportunity to squeeze in some exercise (although admittedly I'm sure there is plenty of space to do a spot of yoga). I'm not sure I'd fork out $24,000 each way in order to do so, but it sure would be tempting to use points to upgrade if that were the case.
Not-so-simple pleasures.

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