Sunday, September 21, 2014

Double Denim for Days

I don't really know how the Scandinavians do it, but they somehow pull off looks that would make the rest of us look either try-hard fashionistas or try-hard mechanics.

I am going through a Scandinavian "moment" after having visited Copenhagen for the first time recently. The stereotype is correct: tall, blonde, fashionably minimalist and impossibly chic (even when whizzing around the beautiful, flat streets of Copenhagen). I was captivated with this city and its style. It is also where my current obsession with sneakers has stemmed - the girls are so ridiculously tall, and they are so frequently on and off their bikes, that sneakers are de rigeur. The girls tend to opt for a block white (often a Converse) or block black (usually Nike), or they go all out with multi-colour.

Pics courtesy of Stockholm Street Style.

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