Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shoesday: Flattened

I am an ardent lover of the sky- high heel, I cannot deny. However something has happened lately. Maybe it's that my office is a 20-30 minute walk to most of my meetings (no complaints from me - how good is walking?), maybe I've just lucked out with finding comfortable heels of late. Whatever it is, flat shoes are singing an irresistible siren song at the moment - one that I'm finding physically difficult to restrain myself from being drawn to.

In the mornings, as I pull on heels I stare wistfully at the flats in my Flat Shoe Basket. When I shop, I find my eye hovering for dangerously lengthy periods at the flat shoes. I'm not entirely sure of the attraction, but perhaps Victoria Beckham feels it too. At her latest showing at NYFW, her models stepped out in flat sandals - eschewing her usual stick-thin stilettos for a more hard-wearing shoe.

 While VB didn't wear flats herself, I wonder if a little part of her wasn't yearning to slip them on herself. After all - she's had a stack of kids, one of which she is still carrying around. It must be exhausting - not to mention a little precarious.

Although not a huge fan of the sandals showcased myself (a little too Gladiatorial for my liking), I do love a flat. There. I said it! I feel a little dirty admitting it, but it's true.

Flats can be fabulous, too.

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